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Mulberry Primary School

Junior Travel Ambassadors

Save the air, walk there!

Use the map below to plan your walking journey to and from school


We want to encourage all our children to walk to school as there are many benefits.  Here are a few:

  •  Fitness and health

 It's advised that children need at least one hour of physical activity each day.  Walking to school is a great way of exercising.

 Plan your journey to school through traffic-free roads and quieter routes to avoid high levels of pollution.

  • Concentration at school

 Studies show that children can burn off excess energy by walking to school thereby allowing them to settle in class and focus on learning.

  • Road safety skills

 'Good habits learned young are learned well' https://walkit.com/walking-to-school/

Teach children how to walk safely to school so they can continue to do this as they get older.

  • Socialising and independence

A walking bus or walking to school with friends when older, can help children build friendships.  As a parent, walking to and from school with your child is a great way of having time in the day to bond - relaxing and talking.


Download your walking map here