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Mulberry Primary School

Early Years & Key Stage 1

In the Provision for autism Early years and key stage 1 is structured to be active and experiential where children enjoy a sensory approach to the curriculum in order to engage in their learning.  They are given every opportunity to achieve at their level of learning. We enjoy many educational trips in the community and beyond to give pupils opportunity to embed their learning in real life contexts.

The curriculum for EYFS underpins all future learning and therefore supports, promotes and develops the children’s personal, social and emotional wellbeing, physical development, communication and language interaction, positive attitudes towards learning, social skills, attention skills, as well as their creative development.

All activities and lessons are planned though the 7 areas of learning as well as providing opportunity for children to develop the characteristics of learning: focusing on the 3 prime areas of learning: Communication and Language, Physical Development, Personal Social Emotional Development and the 4 specific areas: Expressive Arts and Design, Maths, Literacy and Understanding the World.

Learning in Key Stage 1 is more structured than in the EYFS, with a balance being created between adult-directed group activities and play-based learning activities where appropriate.

The curriculum for Key Stage 1 supports the development of pupils’ self-help and functional skills, social communication, emotional wellbeing and social interaction.

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