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Mulberry Primary School

Key Stage 2

In the Provision for Autism at Key Stage 2 we provide all of our pupil’s with a rich curriculum that encourages communication, independence and functional learning. We recognise strengths and areas of development of each pupil and use our skills and strategies to meet their individual needs to ensure they make progress throughout Key Stage 2.

Key Stage 2 pupils follow a modified National Curriculum level.

The Provision has a three year termly cycle.  Pupils are taught lessons through termly topics, over the course of a year, pupils will acquire a range of knowledge and develop skills based on experiential learning. This helps them to make links in their learning and build ideas about themselves and the world around them.  There is a key focus on personal development and independence. 

Language and Communication are incorporated into every lessons so pupils are given the opportunity to communicate verbally or using PECS, signing and visuals. There is a focus on phonics and reading. Teacher’s planning is individually differentiated ensuring that pupils are taught in a personalised, practical, multi-sensory way.

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