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Mulberry Primary School

Provision for Autism

Welcome to Mulberry Primary School Provision for Autism, our provision meets the needs of children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

We are a positive learning provision working together with our mainstream school to unlock potential.

The values that shape our Provision ethos are respect, integrity, and positive attitude for all.

We offer a rich and stimulating curriculum, which is individually tailored reflecting good practise in an environment that supports the pupil’s learning. The Provision offers a range of sensory and therapeutic interventions and a multidisciplinary approach to pupil needs. The Provision has developed a holistic approach working in partnership with other agencies, parents and families to have their needs met. 

We believe it is important for pupils to achieve their full potential and importance is placed upon achievement at all levels.  Pupil achievement is celebrated and positive rewards are used to promote and encourage good behaviour and learning. There is a caring yet purposeful atmosphere within the Provision and there is a balance of focus between welfare and achievement for all.

Our Provision vision is

The Provision for Autism Aims

  • To provide an aspirational educational provision which prepares learners for their key transitions and preparation for adulthood.

  • To create a safe and purposeful learning environment where pupils can build safe and trusting relationships.

  • To give pupils the best opportunities to build knowledge of the world around them and to experience a rich curriculum with a focus on experiential learning and ‘cultural capital’.

  • To promote independence by teaching key skills in Social communication, emotional regulation, social interaction and self-care and independence.

  • To provide pupils’ with the skills they need to lead a happy and independent life, with a balance on personal development and academic achievement.

  • To promote positive behaviour and celebrate achievements and all the small steps our pupils make.

  • Working in partnership and promote shared responsibility between specialists, staff and parent and carers

Our Children

  • Are primary aged children 4 - 11 years

  • Have an Educational Health Care Plan with a diagnosis of ASD

  • May have associated difficulties e.g. medical, learning, sensory

  • May use a variety of communication methods e.g. Makaton, PECS

  • We believe all children are unique, especially those with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Our Classes

  • Three classes, a sensory room, a cooking area and access to mainstream facilities

  • Designated outdoor area for the ASD provision 

Our Approach

No single approach or method is used in the Provision; we use a range of established autism specific approaches and methods, depending on the needs of the learner.  These include attention autism, aspects of TEACCH, SPELL, PECS, Intensive Interaction, sensory integration and Social Stories.  

Assistant Headteacher for Inclusion : Amanda Lambert

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