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Mulberry Primary School

Speech & Language

The Therapy Team

The therapy Team at the Provision consists of:

Speech and Language Therapy

Occupational Therapist

The role of the therapy team:

To skill staff in good basic autism practice (Universal Service) that supports the language and communication and sensory needs of children in the Provision.

To support the development of specific skills (Targeted Service) that reduce barriers to learning

Periodically, Specialist work (that only therapist can deliver) may be needed

Speech and Language Therapy  

You have the right to find out things and share what you think with others, by talking, drawing, writing or in any other way…

Article 13 UN convention on rights of the child-Child friendly version 

The Speech and Language therapist works to enable the communication and interaction skills of children in the Provision embodying a Total Communication Approach that values the range of ways in which children may need to understand and communicate about their desires, thoughts and feelings.

Speech and Language Therapy is integrated into all aspects of the children’s day in the Provision for Autism. The curriculum is delivered through the Attention Approach (ginadavies.co.uk) which is a communication-based approach. Communication and interaction opportunities are core features of the academic, autism-specific and functional aspects of the curriculum. That means that from when the children arrive to lessons, play and lunchtimes to home time, understanding is supported,  expressive skills are promoted and interaction is nurtured. 

The Speech and Language Therapist assesses children to find out their Speech language and communication needs (SLCN- which includes social skills) when they come to the school. This assessment is carried out over a few weeks across a range of activities. For most children this is done by observations, direct interaction and discussions with school staff and parents. For some children, language tests might be used.

For each child, SLT sets targets that:

  • identify appropriate good classroom practice that should be in place to support the child’s communication and interaction
  • are specific to their needs of each child, that progress the child towards functional goals e.g.  to use picture exchange (PECS) in a game with a friend, to be able to take turns in a group activity

To support the Universal Service, the therapist plans teaching content with class teachers and provide training/coaching for staff and parents

To support the targeted Service, the SLT provides assessment, modelling, coaching and training with occasional home visits

To deliver Specialist input, SLT provides 1-1 direct work as needed 

Other SLT work involves:

  • Attendance at meetings for individual children
  • Liaison with a range of other professionals
  • Writing policies, reports, programmes
  • Providing training/workshops


Multi-disciplinary Working

The Therapy Team work with other professionals as a multi-disciplinary team around families as required 

School Nurse: Ayten Deniz
Educational Psychologist:   
Link Social Worker for MDT: Arzu Kaya