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Mulberry Primary School


Attendance and punctuality have a direct impact on children’s learning and on the smooth running of the school. Children are expected to be in the playground by 8:45am ready for the school to be opened at 8.50am.

We do expect parents to co-operate fully in encouraging regular attendance.

We work closely with the Educational Welfare Officer, who monitors punctuality and attendance. If attendance drops below 95% the parents will be invited in to see the Educational Welfare Officer and the Headteacher. The Educational Welfare Officer has the power to prosecute in extreme cases.

At the end of the day, children should be collected at 3:30pm. If a child is left at school for an unacceptable amount of time at the end of the school day, it may result in a late collection charge and referral to Social Services.

Attendance target is 97% for 2018 / 2019


 100% - 99%  



 98% - 97% 



 96% - 96%

 2 School Weeks of Lost Learning


 94% - 90%

 4 School Weeks of Lost Learning


 89% - 76%

 8 School Weeks of Lost Learning

 Totally Unacceptable

 75% - 70%

 12 School Weeks of Lost Learning

 Minor Illness and School Attendance Leaflet

 Unauthorised Absence

For many years the EWS has been battling to reduce the number of days that a parent can be issued a Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) for unauthorised holiday.  Previously is was 10 days, but has now changed to 3 days starting from September 2019.  Should you child be absent for unauthorised reasons, you may be issued with a FPN by Haringey Council.  This is a penalty of £120, payable for each of your children that have been absent from school for unauthorised reasons.  The penalty is payable by each parent.  This means that both you and your partner will have to pay the penalty.  If the penalty notice is paid within 21 days, there is a 50% discount, so the amount payable is £60 per penalty notice.  Late or part payments are not accepted.